Banana Bike

  Incredible ! Motorbike taxi app promotion offered you free ride with “unlimited time, maximum 80THB/ride” is valid 7 days.   Deadline to register this promotion by only 31 JAN 2017.   —> How to register promotion <— 1 Share this post to your Facebook and Tag your 5 friends and Hastaq #bananabike 2 Screen capture this post on your Facebook profile page. 3 Send your screen capture to inbox FB/BananaBikeThailand and enter your bank name, bank account number and bank account name. 4 You will be receive confirmation message reply to your inbox. 5 Hooley ! Open BananaBike app and use a free ride “unlimited time, maximum 80THB/ride” is valid 7 days.   —> Terms of Service <— 1 […]


Grabbike win If you are not already familiar with our BananaBike application, here is a very simple explanation to what it is and how it works. With BananaBike downloaded on your smartphone, you can call for motorbike taxi services in Bangkok very easily and conveniently. All you have to do is, first, take out your smartphone (our app works on both Android and iOS devices), then open up our app. After you have selected your pick-up and drop-off locations, when you press the “pick me up” button, you will immediately get a list of fare prices that are set by motorcycle taxi drivers who are near where you are. Choose your most favourable price, and then voila, your P-Win will […]

Coffee Delivery Bangkok

We sometimes might find it quite difficult to get up on weekdays where we literally have to force ourselves to go to school or go to work, especially on Monday mornings. Some people can wake up with just a glass of water. Some may need a full breakfast meal to get all that energy going. And some of us might need a little bit of extra help to really get up in the morning and start the day, and that is okay too. Likewise, coffee addiction is real, and that is not a bad thing at all because it has been proven by many studies that coffee does indeed have many health benefits for us. It’s the caffeine in coffee […]